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Meeting Kathy

I chose to specialize in couples' counseling in the year 2000. I did so because after 16  years of practice I observed that no matter how healthy a person got through individual therapy or how much self-care and self-validation they could do, they were still not enjoying life to the fullest unless their couplehood felt like a place of passion and connection.

Simply put, the quality of a person's joy in life is directly related to their relationships.

Given this observation, I wanted to be able to be optimally helpful to couples, so I studied the experts in the field. I completed courses in  each of the experts (Hendrix, Gottman, Johnson, Schnarch, and others) and developed my own system of helping couples repair the connection, restore passion, and bring one another joy.  

It is deeply satisfying and I work continuously on getting better.

My husband studied alongside me, and together we practice the principles we have learned and enjoy the benefits of having developed our partnership through the years.    My own experience of risk, responsiveness, and repair in my marriage helps me be directive and tenacious about helping people create the relationship they desire.  

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