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Congregational Leadership Development

The gist

"Clairity is kindness"-Brene Brown

Functioning optimally as a leadership team at any congregation takes intentionality, accountability, and education.  I work with clergy, program and administrative staff to mine the strengths and talents of each person for the service of the team and organization.  Using tools like the Myers-Briggs, Enneagram, and Connection Dialogue, I use a didactic and interactive format to coach your team to live the core values of your mission in your operational interactions.   Gridlocks and collusions dissolve, and are replaced by collaborations and creativity to bring your team to a new level of efficiency and integrity.


"Kathy loves people! She has a well-honed instinct for understanding them and a huge heart that almost wills them to be their best. That love and instinct, combined with her intellect and years of experience, make Kathy exceptionally effective at dissecting unhealthy staff behavior and offering a constructive way forward. Once she's found the source of discord, she weaves the staff back together offering specific techniques for communicating better while recognizing, and appreciating, each person's strengths and skills.

While working with our staff, Kathy helped me understand myself better than ever. I am forever grateful to her for her caring, kindness - and skill."

-Hala White, Director of Communications at St. Luke's Episcopal Church


Director of Youth, Children, and Family Ministry of St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Atlanta describes her team's development experience with Kathy

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