Couples Restoring Passion and Connection

"Being the "best you can be" is really only possible when you are deeply connected to another..." -Sue Johnson

Meeting Kathy

I chose to specialize in couples counseling because, after some years of practice I saw that no matter how healthy a person got through individual therapy or how much self-care and self-validation they could do, they were still not enjoying life to the fullest unless their couplehood felt like a place of passion and connection.    Simply put, the quality of a person's relationship is directly correlated with their joy.   I wanted to be able to be optimally helpful to couples, so I studied the "masters."     I took from each of the "masters" (Hendrix, Gottman, Johnson, Schnarch, and others) and developed my own system of helping couples repair the connection, restore passion, and bring one another joy.  It is deeply satisfying, and I continue working on getting better!

My husband studied alongside me, and together we practice the principles we have learned and enjoyed the benefits of having developed our partnership through the years.    My own experience in my marriage of risk and repair helps me be directive and tenacious about helping people create the relationship they desire.  

What the clients are saying ...

“After each session we both come out feeling as though we have more tools to use in order to continue our re-connection, keep the communication open, and how to deal with certain scenarios when they arise.”

“Kathy was the best! She offered such wonderful feedback and constructive recommendations. I would highly recommend her for premarital counseling. Very useful! Thank you so much!!”


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